Diversity Policy


The Orrville Area United Way Works to build diversity amoung its volunteers and staff. Additionally, the Organization is positively committed to oppose all direct and indirect discrimination by: 


  • Challenging discrimination and lack of opportunity in its own policies, and encouraging other organizations and individuals to do the same.


  • Aiming to create a culture that respects and values others' differences and recognizing that that diversity is a great asset to the Organization-to its work and the people it serves.


  • Ensuring all Employees, Volunteers, and Committee Members will be made aware of the objectives within this this policy and encouraged to support them.


The Orrville Area United Way will always seek to reflect the community it serves by developing its board and committees without regard to race, religion or creed, age, gender, national origin or ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or handicap, socio-economic condition, military status, genetic information or any other protected category.