November Partner Agency Spotlight

Orrville Area United Way is proud to partner with the Orrville Salvation Army Maiwurm Service Center. The mission of Orrville Salvation Army is “to assist those in need and, as much as possible, to empower them to solve their own problems and become productive members of society”. OAUW supports two Orrville Salvation Army programs – Emergency Services and Seasonal Assistance. These programs contribute to two of OAUW’s impact areas – Helping in Hard Times and Nurturing Children & Youth.

As of July 2022, the Emergency Services program served 2,694 people within the Orrville, Dalton, & Marshallville area, a 34% increase over last year. This program helps to resolve emergencies specific to hunger and food insecurity, utility disconnection, eviction, medical transportation barriers, inability to afford necessary prescriptions, and inability to provide clothing for the elements. Orrville Salvation Army provides funds or services which eliminate the immediate emergency and help stabilize the family.  Alleviating these emergencies allows families to use their monies to meet other necessary needs for themselves. This past year, Orrville Salvation Army began collaborating with Orrville Buehler’s to offer fresh produce and dairy products through their food pantry. This addition has brought an increase in older adults seeking assistance from the food pantry. During a time when the higher cost of goods is impacting homes, the work of Orrville Salvation Army is helping to fill the gaps.

Orrville Salvation Army Seasonal Assistance includes Angel Tree, Christmas Food Box, Back-to-School, Easter Food Box, Picnic Pack of Food, and Summer Camp-in-a-Bag. The goal of Seasonal Assistance is to extend clients’ income designated for basic needs of housing, clothing, and utility costs by supplementing their seasonal expenses and to increase student’s academic achievement and readiness by providing school supplies and summertime enrichment activities that help eliminate barriers to academic success and, in some ways, level the playing field for students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Seasonal Assistance is projected to serve 2,592 clients in the OAUW area in 2022, and 75% of those served have a household income under $24,999. Seasonal Assistance is a partnership of our entire community coming together!

Your generous Orrville Area United Way donations directly impact lives and homes in our area! Stop by to see our display window for more information!