We Need Your Support Now More Than Ever!

2021 Orrville Area United Way Campaign


Over and over this year we have heard the phrases “unprecedented”, “new normal” and “social distancing”.  The feelings of uncertainty and disconnection that these phrases evoke is what inspired this year’s campaign theme- “Now More Than Ever”. 

Together, the Orrville Area United Way, our partner agencies and you have made astounding progress in reducing unemployment rates, addressing food insecurity, decreasing poverty rates, educating people about the risks associated with drugs and alcohol, as well as increasing access to mental health services.   

This pandemic has created a gap that we desperately need to bridge so that we can continue to make strides toward a happy healthy community for all of us.  We know that individuals and families have been hit hard by this year’s circumstances.  We also know that now more than ever before our partner agencies need our community support.