Orrville Area United Way Committees

Internal Management Committee

Committee Composition: the officers of the Board: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, plus any other Directors appointed by the President, who chairs the IMC. The IMC also coordinates board development activities.

The Internal Management Committee (IMC) meets as needed between Board meetings, and is responsible for the following, plus any other situation as charged by the Board:

  •    Administrative Budget
  •    Executive Director’s Evaluation (November-December)
  •    Crisis situations between Board meetings
  •    Annual policies & procedures review

The IMC also has responsibilities for board development:

  •     Nominates new Board Members, assuring that the Board represents the diversity of the community served.
  •     Nominates Board Officers.
  •     Confirms Eligible Board Members for re-election.
  •     Develops and implement new Board Member orientation and annual Board retreat.
  •     Explores in-service/education opportunities for Board Members and staff.
  •     Conducts and analyzes annual Board self-assessment.

Marketing & Events

Committee Composition: Members of the community, Campaign Cabinet, interested UW Board members, and United Way Staff support.
The Marketing & Events Committee is responsible for planning and implementation of various events and for communicating the importance of United Way to the communities we serve.

  •     Design and implement each event
  •     Choose the timing of each event
  •     Recruit participants as needed
  •     Design and implement a Marketing /PR plan for each event
  •     Design and implement appreciation activity for the volunteers involved after each event.
  •     Evaluate each event and process and strategize for future events

Finance & Audit

Committee Composition: Treasurer of the Board, at least two other members of the UW Board, and the Executive Director, ex officio. At least one member of the Finance & Audit Committee shall have licensure as a certified public accountant or have at least five years of experience in accounting/financial management as his/her primary job responsibility.

  •     Advise the Executive Director and Board on financial matters and information systems.
  •     Provide education opportunities re: financial reporting to the Board.
  •     Anticipate problems and opportunities that might occur and propose resolutions and actions to minimize risk to the organization and maximize positive outcomes.
  •     Review budgets prepared by staff for consistency between the budget and the organization’s plans.
  •     Report to the Board any financial irregularities, concerns, or opportunities.
  •     Recommend financial guidelines to the Board.
  •     Work with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely.
  •     Oversee short and long-term investments.
  •     Determine OAUW insurance needs, propose policies, and ensure that policies are renewed annually.
  •     Review processing fee for campaign designations to Other United Ways and nonprofit agencies annually and adjust as needed.

Citizen Review Committee (CRC)

The Citizen Review Committee reviews applications and recommends funding for agency programs. Current United Way volunteers and members from the community are encouraged to participate.

Campaign Cabinet

The Campaign Cabinet consists of the Campaign Chair, Vice Chair, Pacesetters Coordinator, Division Chairs/Co-Chairs, President of the UW board, and UW staff. The Campaign Cabinet is responsible for conducting the annual fundraising effort and for assuring its completion by the end of the first week in November.