LIVE UNITED. We put it on everything we do here at Orrville Area United Way. It's the slogan for United Ways around the world. But have you ever wondered what it means? And how do you do it?

"LIVE UNITED" speaks to the core of United Way's philosophy. It's the directive to work together to improve the quality of life for all citizens in the communities we serve. When we are United, we are working together to solve the problems that destabilize communities: lack of education, unstable sources of income, and health problems. When we are United, we can make changes that would be impossible when we act alone.

At Orrville Area United Way, we Unite because together we thrive. As a commUNITY, we live for something larger than ourselves. As a commUNITY, we stand for what is right and just. As a commUNITY, we believe that everyone deserves the same opportunity to have an equitable seat at the table. Choosing to LIVE UNITED is investing in bringing these realities to life. It is all of us, our perspectives and experiences that make up our commUNITY. Orrville Area United Way works with all sectors of the community and partners with diverse businesses to change lives right here in Dalton, Marshallville, and Orrville. 

United Way Hand Banner - Hope, Humanity, Support

The United Way logo represents what it is to LIVE UNITED
The Rainbow of Hope
The Hand of Support
The Person as a symbol of Humanity

United we support each other, especially those most vulnerable, bringing hope & possibility to individuals and our commUNITY, so that together we celebrate and thrive. This is an ongoing choice and commitment, but every day we have the opportunity to build a better and more caring world.